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Standard Course
Maximum number of students : 400

Our educational objective:

Cultivating leaders of the new century with solid understandings of global perspectives and issues.

Points in our education
  1. Education for those going on to high level tertiary institutions
  2. Global education
  3. Informatics
◆ 1:Education for those going on to high level tertiary institutions
  • Collaboration with cram schools and Yoyogi Seminars
  • Summer school and winter school programs
  • A tutor system taught by students from Hokkai Gakuen University
◆ 2:Global education
  • English classes taught by native English teachers
  • Language education at CALL ( Computer Assisted Language Laboratory ) room
  • Study Chinese as a second language (elective class)
  • Classes for those intending to take the TOEFL test ( elective class)
  • Exchange programs with LCI high school in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
    1. a two- week exchange program every two years
    2. a three-month exchange program every year
  • The Global Village Summer Camp
◆ 3:Informatics
  • 2 rooms with 100 computers
  • Studying the fundamental use of computers in the first grade
  • A ' Power Point' contest in which students present their work
  • Studying for ' the System Administrator' test
  • Learning about economics and decision making by using the software ' MESE'(elective class)
    (Management Economics Simulation Exercise- Developed by Junior Achievement )
Club Activities
【 Sports Clubs 】

Badminton、Boxing、Tennis、Ski、Baseball、Golf、Sumo、Field Hockey、Basketball、Soccer

【 Culture Clubs 】

Library、Speech、Broadcast、Brassband、Animation、Multimedia、Art、Red Cross、International Club、Japanese literature、Debate

Our Contact Address

〒062-8603 42-1 4-chome Asahimachi Toyohira-ku Sapporo
TEL:(011) 841-1161 (ext. 5519 )  FAX:(011) 824-5593


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